Featured Artist: Ian Boyd

In keeping with the family tradition, Ian Boyd is next.  I live with Ian and have learned a lot from him.  He’s always got something new and interesting on his mind.  Speaking with Ian, you are inexplicably drawn to his easy laughter and you are confronted with a desire to continue to learn about this infinitely intriguing mystery of a man.  As an example, Ian taught me the phrase, “Free two birds from one cage.”

(As a sidenote, I’m still new to the formatting on this website.  The poem is missing some aesthetic aspect.  Once I figure it out, I’ll come back and edit this post to give the poem exactly the meaning with which it was created.)

Home – Ian Boyd

drop by drop
piece by piece
steadily over months
moved by years
homes have been built,
raised, & protected to
house this

charge by charge
potassium by calcium
assertive by receptivity
negative by positive
cells to tissue to organ to system to body
we’re made
to house this

moment by moment
lesson by lesson
Day by day
by sunrise by sunset
we’re taught,
to forget –
to dispatch, to return with no receipt…
this gift-
this feeling – of home.

Home by Home
family by family
self by self
brother to sister
mother to father
community to nation
nation to world
we must rekindle
with this feeling –

I want to be the humbled presence trees enjoy basking in

I want to be the tree .  Immobile, yet completely full –
still . moving

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