Descent.  Walk downstairs and kill your TV.  The omega is dim, like a faraway light bulb seen through several lace veils.  Take off your glasses, remove your clothes and grip the ground with your toes.  Stop clipping, trimming, training or creating.  Stop blaming, fighting, name-calling and believing.  All your efforts are for naught, for tomorrow we must end.  We return to the dust, bones to dust, buildings to dust at dusk.  Construction of structure and destruction of chaos will inevitably lead to destruction of structure and creation of entropy.  Is there reason?  Is there Truth?  Is logic reliable?  Nope.  Colloquialisms aside, the real reason we are here is chemical.  Zap, bing, boom, crunch, scrunch, squish, pop.  The rhythm of life and death won’t stop.  The world still exists when you close your eyes, it will have existed before you and that damn progression of time, tick tock tick tock, will keep on.  It doesn’t care about you or your family or loved ones.  It will go, and you will go, and I will go.  Gone are the days of meaning, here to stay are the days of the realization of unimportance and pointlessness.  Enjoy your candy, watch the movie, learn as much as you can.  You get one shot to remember it all before it’s gone.  Life is not to study, life is to live.  Life is not a vessel of meaning and import, we are.  You are.  Laden with thoughts and ideas and feelings, the external becomes internal.  Rather, the viewer understands that the external never really was outside of himself.  Live within, look within.  Look deep.  Tell me what you find.

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