Featured Artist: Sarah Stieber

Sarah Stieber is a contemporary artist whose experiences filter through her vibrant work.  Stieber’s artistic talent was recognized at a young age, winning two national art competitions at 7 and 8 years old.  During her teenage years, a summer spent in Florence copying the master’s works at the Uffizi museum encouraged her to further her art education.  While working towards a fine art degree from Boston University, Stieber spent five inspiring months living and painting in her studio in Venice, Italy.  While abroad, Stieber was selected as a finalist at Arrivi e Partenze’s art competition, where her work was displayed with that of Biennale artists.   She went on to graduate Cum Laude with a degree in Painting and a concentration in Psychology.  Her early work’s undeniable California influence encouraged Stieber to return home to San Diego to paint.  Since her return, Stieber was the youngest artist juried into San Diego’s historic Spanish Village Art Center, was chosen to be the featured artist for Effen Vodka’s “The Art of Design” gala, and won 1st place at both Trashed Coachella and One Condom’s national art competitions.  She has been featured in numerous publications, including the San Diego Union Tribune, the La Jolla Village News, and Pacific San Diego Magazine.  She also was awarded with a residency at Alexander Salazar Fine Art, and has most recently been welcomed into Cirello Gallery as their resident artist.

Crazy Dreams

Lub in the Tub



The Window

Sarah Stieber and I first met in high school.  We hung out at the beach once and traced our shadows over and over again as the sun set lower and lower.  Come to think of it, we all used to hang out at different beaches all the time.  We lost contact for awhile and I eventually found out she’d been painting.  “Well,”  I thought, and that was it.  Is it wrong to be skeptical of self-described artists?  Sarah has never once called herself a painter to me.  She doesn’t need to.  Her talent clearly overtakes any sort of pre-inhibition you might have when coming across an artist before you come across their work.

For more news and updates on her amazing work, you can find Sarah Stieber’s website here.

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