Untitled #17

Wink sink sunk the ship pish posh hieronymous bosch hogwash car wash flash crash crush mush mash flash pick yourself up and put yourself down like a frowning clown from out of town beyond the horizon of wizened elders where fires smelter and wires smoulder on hot boulders manila folders hotter and colder higher and lower and fliers and pilots and pens and friends and cigarettes and butts and tufts and futts and licks and spics and smut and sluts and give and take and look but don’t see me I’m free from this that the other mother father farther closer bolster bolt the door and raise the floor and ask for more however never take less than the mess you create you eat what you ate you think what you thought and the thought process fought a bitter battle over the teritory of the mind but what did they find a meaningless mass of matter in which all randomness is order and all rules lead to chaos play us like an instrument what is meant make love dove dove off the deep end into the steep bend of water which slaughters the medium of terrestrial existence inside of and outside of my self.

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One thought on “Untitled #17

  1. Robb on said:

    Fun to read — now I want to hear it

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