I Believe All of This

When the darkness slips in,
unnoticed, and acts
like it was there to begin with

When you let it in
and you don’t know why other than
it was supposed to be there

When it is not yet here

but you know it is coming

When it comes,
and whispers that you are

Whispers that everyone is wrong
or lying to you
or simply has bad taste

Whispers in your ear
that you will never be beautiful
or create enough

Whispers to your deepest self

that which you fear for truth truly is

Whispers what you
absolutely will not
concede to think

You can stand up
look the darkness with
bravest face

You can stand up
and say with
feigned confidence, convincing,

You can stand up

and you can say,

“I exist, I am here,
I will not give in,
I am not doomed

I am loveable,
I am desireable,
loved and desired

I create

and what I create makes the world a different place

And I believe all of this”
The darkness will recede
Whispers to echoes,
Light to memory

And you can live another day.

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One thought on “I Believe All of This

  1. This is good writing

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