White Plastic Plates and Tan Telephones

The phone pulls the usual ring-a-ling-ding
Without a machine for the purpose of answering
The plastic table, upon which my
Plastic, pre-fab scrambled eggs
Chill in a plastic plate,
Sits on plastic, pre-fab, patterned linoleum.
Whoever thought off-white and tan could be
Anything but depressing
Should be drug out into the street and shot
Stone dead.
Bald, free-swinging, flickering
Fluorescent bulb above.
Makes my eyes weary and tired—
But so does everything else these days
The penultimate plastic Solo cup is filled with instant coffee
Which I stir with my spork.
It’s the last spork,
So my coffee’s got miniature egg-icebergs
Floating around like they fucking own the damn thing.
Fine. Maybe they do—they’re more free than me,
I suppose.
The bulb’s the only light on in the house
And the two open doorways,
From ceiling to floorways,
Fade too quickly from light to dark
As if to conquer, to prove that
Light is the absence of darkness,
And not the other way around.
Ring-a-ling-ding, fuck you, phone.
It’s still going going, and the thick dark,
So dense it dampens other senses, as though
A cricket on a rose in the other room wouldn’t look
Smell or sound like anything.
The dark is annoyed by the phone,
And seems to try to enter my
Light fortress. I take a sip of coffee, my eyes wary.
Shit! Big chunk of egg,
If there’s any real organic material at all in it, or
In this whole fucking house.
Cigarettes + lighter merge.
Ash falls on the table,
Benevolently missing the plastic, hospital-pink ashtray,
Leaving a wide berth between
Normative and Positive,
What should be and what is.
I tire too quickly of the camel,
Filterless, because it’s the only way
You can really feel it,
And I put it out in the cold eggy plate.
The ashtray’s too full anyway, and it
Was beginning to spill over.

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