Nick and Maggie Boyd

The human brain is an
Amazing apparatus.
The white + gray matter deals
With matters too broad for any
Other body parts to handle.
So I’m not trying to flatter when I
Say my love for you both is
Too large for my hands to hold

As you hold one another’s hands.

It’s too tall for me to summit, too broad
For my eyes to see the edges,

As you look at one another with light in your eyes.

My ribcage swells and my heart is
Alive with pride,
My stomach is in knots, my
Throat hot, and I am honored
To be here with you both

The human brain is amazing;
It can sustain two seemingly contra-
dictory emotions, oceans of distance
between them
And in this I am also sad.

Because a part of me wishes
that we could get married.
(Although the ceremony would
Have to be varied, because I’d be willing to
bet even if I could get in to a
dress, I’d guess
that there is no way I will
look as pretty as Maggie
will on her wedding day.)

Brief sadness aside, I hold joy
for you both. The most deserving
of one another. Nick:
You are my brother.
.                   (and Maggie that means you’re my sister)

And I wish both the deepest
commitment and the most
exquisite happiness to you guys.

May the light never fade from your eyes

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One thought on “Nick and Maggie Boyd

  1. shsnow on said:

    Exquisite. Thank you.

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