Good Bye

I’d like to say good bye
at least one fewer time
than I’ve said hello
and to return one smile more
than one tear wiped.
I’d like to move into a place
One more time than the number
of times I’ve moved out of a place,
And I’d like to become a regular
at several more places than places
I no longer frequent.

I’d like to say I love you
a hundred million times more often
than I have said I hate you,
And I have said “I hate you”
Oh, I have said “I hate you.”
That’s three hundred million times,
but I’d say it a billion more
and it would never be untrue.

But the truth is, we all say goodbye
exactly as often as we say hello,
And we leave just as often as we come.
So when I say goodbye to bring
the total number even,
it won’t even out.
Because the world was filled with hello,
stuffed with I love you,
it was boiling over with
good to see yous and
call me when you get homes and Merry
Christmases and wear
your damn helmets.

So when I say good bye
Say good bye to me
And smile,
And say call me when you get home.

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2 thoughts on “Good Bye

  1. Maureen Parkin on said:

    This poem moved me to tears. Just beautiful, and relevant to me now

  2. If I cry tears of Snow,
    why don’t they burn as they course down my cheek?

    And why isn’t my teary & grateful smile burnt by a cold wind..


    Thanks Onkel Snow – absolutely wonderful

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