Climbing Trees

I was walking home to the library
And I found myself
Grabbing a tree and beginning to
lift my feet off of the ground
I reached up with 1 hand,
My thumb over the top,
not wrapped around like you’re supposed to do,
so your thumb can rejoin the tips of your fingers
It was secure enough anyway,
the branch was thick and rough
and my fingers are thick and rough
By the time I realized what I was doing,
And began to act with intent
not instinct,
I had already reached up my second hand
and was starting to turn
upside down. I stabbed feet
into the branches, in between, and found a good heel
My other foot naturally rose to lock the knee
And I let go
Hanging upside down on a little tree
On a city street
Near a very severe building.
Well isn’t this exactly
what I needed to do right now
climb a tree
in between hours at the
library, to spend some time
hanging, extended, stretched out,
upside down for a change.

As I was walking home
and thinking about what it was
that prompted me to reach up and climb a tree
before I knew I was climbing a tree
I tripped.
I smiled relief at the reminder
that at times I can be mindlessly graceful
and I can still trip–I am still fallible.
What a relief to remember
In the air that is air
That the road still demands
At least something of me,
At least something.

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