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That’s me. I’m an international and comparative law student at the University of San Francisco and I write impulsively. Please send money. I think it’s important to focus on the artistic content being created locally and worldwide, as well as to foster a forum where the written word has a place. If you’ve got something to say or show the world, send it here. I will be focusing on happenings around town as well as local artists. I don’t want to limit this blog to San Francisco, though I think there’s plenty going on here.  Perhaps in the future I’ll specialize, but for now let’s call it a world-wide spread. It’s on the world-wide-web, isn’t it?

Send submissions in-text (unless it’s a photograph–you can send those in attachments) to along with a picture and short paragraph about yourself or the work.


2 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Eric! Barstool Poetry Bob here. LOVE your stuff. The site looks amazing too. Nice work! Hope you and your readers can join us this Saturday night at Gourmands on Webberville for Barstool Poetry Book Party #3. (Your poems are one of the highlights in the book I just published from the Violet Crown night.) Where can I email you an invite?

  2. Never mind. I’m such a dumbass. If I’d thoroughly read your post above I would’ve seen you left an email address. Strike that. See you Saturday.

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